With the never-ending cascade of responsibilities that fall on any business owner, it’s only wise to look for ways to streamline your processes and save yourself some precious time. When it comes to customer service, this important but time-consuming element of your business can often be done far more efficiently and effectively by a call-handling service.

With bespoke packages that create unique call scripts just for your customers, and the ability to take bookings and queries en masse, you need never miss a call again. This gives you more time to focus on the other elements of your business, whilst trusting that your customers are satisfied and being expertly looked after.

Here, we look into how you can get the most out of your call-handling service.

Give them enough information

To help your call handling team efficiently answer your customers’ initial queries, they need to know about your business. Be sure to give them enough information that they can speak for you in a professional manner, and are able to reassure your customers that they know what they’re talking about.

Providing a list of frequently asked questions, and your preferred answers to these, will help your team guide your customers to the correct solution for them. You can also request for specific calls to be forwarded to you, so if the team determines that a customer needs to speak to you, they can do so easily.

Update them frequently

Be sure to stay on top of updating your call handling team with your availability and any changes to your services, so that your customers always receive accurate information.

After all, whilst it’s wonderful to have every call answered in a timely manner, it’s ultimately useless if they’re given the wrong information needed for them to place an order or solve their query.

Frequent communication between yourselves and your service provider results in confident and helpful assistants at the end of the phone, so that every one of your callers feels confident placing their trust in your brand.

Run a quality check

To ensure your chosen call-handling service is ticking all of the boxes for your clients and customers, be sure to check in with them on how they found the service. You could even place a call as a prospective customer to see for yourself exactly how the team handles your questions and concerns.

If you find you are dissatisfied with the service you’re getting, be sure to look around for an alternative. Call handling is a competitive market and you may find another provider who offers a more suitable service for your business.

Make sure it’s cost effective

Naturally, you need every service you outsource to boost your bottom line. To make sure a call-handling service will be cost effective, be sure to spend your new found time on other tasks that will help your business to develop and grow. With increased productivity and lost sales opportunities a thing of the past, a call-handling service is sure to benefit your business when used correctly.

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