You are busy. Your profits are low. Your sales staff is overwhelmed. Your marketing budget has been slashed. So, you have to make intelligent hiring decisions the first time around again to build an exceptional small business team. Here’s what you must do to successfully develop a small business team that works together to grow your business:

Hire the Right People for the Right Tasks – The people who you hire will comprise your small business team. They will perform different but essential tasks. But you cannot just hire anyone. There are certain criteria that you must look out for when considering which employees you choose for your social media management team. To get the right people, look for seasoned professionals with real-world experience.

Be clear about the Job Description and Expectations – It’s not enough to hand pick your employees for your small business team; you have to be clear with your team’s job description and expectations from each member. For example, what are the common responsibilities of each employee? What are their main goals and how do they expect to achieve them? By being clear on what kind of work each employee should do, you can save money in hiring the wrong people and also avoid hiring the wrong skills or traits.

Have a System For Employee Appreciation – One great way to cultivate a strong small business team is by ensuring that each member of your team has a ‘people-person’ quality. Employees who are great with people will be able to contribute their entire skill set to the company. When they succeed, your company succeed. And the more employees you have, the more your company will succeed.

Seek Out the Right People – It’s important to hire the right people for your team. If you don’t have the right people, then it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. One sure way to ensure that you find the right employees for your small business team is to ask for recommendations. Good recruiters know how to get referrals and who to contact in order to secure the right people for their clients.

When you hire employees, make sure that they fit into your small business team perfectly. Don’t hire someone just because he fits into your ‘team’ – make sure you know his skills, his strengths and his weaknesses. This way, you can make sure that you don’t make a mistake by hiring the wrong person. Remember, this is your team and you are its leader. You have to take care of it in order to keep it together.

Infographic created by Factor8 – virtual sales manager training
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